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Spiritual Philosophy – What are you Looking for?

Spiritual Philosophy – What are you Looking for?

Spiritual philosophies are only as valuable as they are truly spiritual. Many people have different ideas about what is and what is not spirituality. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that spirituality is an attained mental state of Conscious awareness. It is not something that is promised some day in the hereafter. It is an attainment, possible here in life, now, through your own mental efforts. Spirituality is the state of accomplishment, of fulfilment of your purpose in life. It is just like the fruit on the tree that started from a seed and through growth to the fulfilment of the tree’s purpose. So, spirituality is the result of each person’s mental development to attainment.

The Kabalarian Philosophy is realistic inasmuch as it promises you success through personal application. It is realistic inasmuch as it says if you want spirituality you must create it for yourself through your own efforts: here is the Principle of Life, which if you understand and apply will guarantee you successful spiritual development.

Spirituality is a growth in mind that represents the broadness of perspective that is associated with the wise men of the ages, where we are above the pettiness of life, the petty personality problems, the selfishness, and all those other incidentals that tie mankind to mediocrity. Spirituality is not something that is denied anyone because spirituality is created by the each person.

What do you think spirituality should be? Would it not represent the broadest understanding of life, the understanding of the principles of life, not just a thorough understanding of the books in the library which are merely the recordings of men’s minds? It is the understanding of the laws of being. Spirituality is the living personification of those universal laws.

We are all here to play a part in life. Every species in life has its place and reason. Mankind is here to have dominion, to keep all things in harmony. As all things in the universe are kept in harmony through the principle of balance and equilibrium as we see manifested through the spheres, planets, and the universe, so mankind plays that same part in a conscious sense on the earth. We have been given dominion on this earth and all things upon it, that fly above it, and all things connected with it. We have been made the steward who must give an accounting.

Man’s purpose is to become the eyes, the ears, and the mouthpiece of this great Principle of life so that he expresses his potential. What is the purpose of the piano? To express music. What is the purpose of man? To be a channel for conscious intelligence. That is what we are here for.

You read the papers, listen to the news, and you wonder what is happening. Mankind is destroying itself through its indulgences, illogical attitudes, wars, and strife. We need a philosophy of life that will help us to live constructively, which is so much more pleasurable, interesting, and enjoyable. You talk to anyone who has given up smoking, drinking, or been at death’s door and they will tell you it is so much better to be healthy and alive.

We are all a part of the universe, regardless of culture or creed. We are all here for a purpose and to live that purpose. We learn first that before we can create peace or love our fellow man, we must first find that peace within ourselves. We must first learn how to master our emotions, how to develop the emotional power, and how to transmute it from an emotional power into a mental power, giving power and positivity to the mind, so that we may walk in the darkness and still find light within our own consciousness, that we may build a wall around us to protect us from negativity, that we may have the mental power to delve into and solve human and material problems. They are not mysterious things; they are life, that is all, just life.

Spirituality is not something far off in the future; it is a part of you, now. It is something that you can become. Within every flower seed is the power to become spiritually fulfilled as a flower. It does not have a mind, and so it cannot be a conscious fulfilment, naturally. Nevertheless, within the seed is the potential for the fulfilment. Within the seed of man is that potential for conscious fulfilment which is universality of mind. You have that potential, it is within you, but if you do not try to develop it, what good is it?

In looking into the Kabalarian Philosophy, judge the accuracy of the universal principles that are taught and try to determine whether you have found something that answers some of your wants, your questions, fulfills your requirements. If you are looking for a healthy, happy, constructive way of life, then you have come to the right place.

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