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A New Name, a New Life

Your Name Report Report has helped you to appreciate the powerful influence of names in creating your personality and life conditions.  Do your names harmonize with your birthpath (your date of birth)?  This is an essential factor in creating long-term happiness, inner contentment, and ultimate success in your life.  Your names should be in harmony with the innate power of life within you so you can accomplish what you really want to in life. Otherwise, you desire one thing and get another—a recipe for frustration.   
Have you been hesitant to order a Balanced Name Recommendation report?  You likely have concerns about how your family and/or business associates will respond.  We can help you make the transition. Free consultation comes with your Balanced Name Recommendation report.
When you choose a new balanced name, the effects can be immediate and dramatic. The way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity and self-esteem, all can improve significantly.
Your Birthpath
When you establish and use your balanced name consistently, you are drawing from your inner source, your birthpath.  It is a quality of goodness that is striving to express through your mind.  Your greatest happiness in life will unfold through expressing the natural beauty and potential of your birthpath qualities.  With this harmony in place, you will find yourself attracting amazing opportunities to develop your potential in a myriad of creative, exciting ways.  Your life will become much more worthwhile, meaningful, and fulfilling.
Your First Name
As your use your balanced first name you will be aware of greater freedom and you will find your thinking expanding, changing, and becoming creative in new ways.  You will begin to attract progressive opportunities to help you fulfil your purpose and to find success in every area of your life.  As a result, you will naturally find personal contentment and happiness in living the life you should. 
Your Last Name
It is essential that last names harmonize with first names.  Many times surnames used are not in harmony with first names or birth dates and adds confusion and lack of good health over time.  All hereditary characteristics are carried down each family through the surname.  When a woman adopts a new surname through marriage or alters her surname in any way, she then inherits the weaknesses and strengths of the new surname.  These are some of the complications of surnames.  However, a balanced last name harmonized to a balanced first name and to your date of birth will give you the optimum benefits so that you can achieve the success of your goals and your life’s purpose, and maintain better health in body and mind.
Your Combined Names
The state of your life can be read from your combined names.  It is the sum total of your experiences and reveals the degree of happiness and success you have accomplished in your life.  Have you achieved your best or does life seem mediocre?  We can assist you in making positive changes to find your best possible level of success and happiness.  Remember you can take advantage of your free ½ hour telephone consultation for additional support.
Why order a Balanced Name Recommendation?

  • To harmonize your thinking with the natural qualities of your birthpath purpose 
  • To overcome the limitations found in your present names in order to optimize your chances for better health, happiness, and success
  • To create the fullest expression of your birthpath potential
  • To create greater peace of mind and relaxation

The Balanced Name Recommendation service includes:

  • a selection of 30 to 50 first and last balanced name recommendations
  • description of the qualities of the balanced names recommended for you
  • practical advice on how best to proceed in changing your name
  • consultation support to help you choose the recommended name that is right for you
  • 3-month introduction to the influence of cycles (year, month, and day) on the conditions in your life

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Lorenda Bardell

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