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Change my Name?  Yes, Change your Name and be a Better You!

Change my Name?  Yes, Change your Name and be a Better You!

Since the 1930s, thousands of people have changed their names through the expertise of the Kabalarian Philosophy.  So take heart, if you are considering a name change, you are not alone.  The Name Specialists of the Kabalarian Philosophy strive to work with you and your family to choose names or, if possible, to balance the names you have.  Sometimes only minor changes may be necessary and those minor changes will make a world of difference to the success you and your family will achieve in life.

Let’s face it!  It is a big step to change your name.  What would your parents, your siblings, your friends, and your business associates think?  Is it unrealistic for you to consider changing your name?  Would it cause upheaval in your marriage situation or with your family?  Do you keep the peace and remain at variance with yourself or take the step of balancing your name?

Questions You Have Asked

1.  I identify with my name.  Would the transition be too challenging?

There is a transition period.  You have been called and have responded to a certain name for many years.  There is a short period of time where you are getting used to using your new name and being called by that name.  It may take up to six weeks, but soon you will respond favourably to your new name. You will be forging a “better” you by using a balanced name consistently.  Be patient with others as they make the transition of using your new name.  You are getting used to a new energy, a new vibration that will change your life.
A balanced name will enhance your thinking giving you greater individuality, a better understanding of others, and improved self-expression. Also it will increase your patience level, and add versatility, stability, reliability, and greater depth and objectivity to your mind, and–most of all–a greater love of life as you link your thinking to your purpose in life.  A balanced name adds new dimensions to your life by expanding the creative processes of your thinking.  Persevere through those early days and the new you will be happy you did.

2.  Would it be too difficult professionally for me to make a name change?

Many people have balanced their names through the Kabalarian Philosophy—university professors, lawyers, certified accountants, engineers, architects, actors, writers, business owners—men and women from virtually every walk of life.  Announcing your change of name can be a means of reaching out to your clients, your family, and friends.  Take advantage of the opportunity. Hand out new business cards or change of name cards, or write a song about your new name (just kidding)!  Don’t let people forget you.  It won’t be long before your professional name is your balanced name.

It does take effort to make a name change, but the rewards are real. Only you face the challenges and opportunities of your life. If you live your life with a balanced name, you will have the power of a name that will assist you to find greater happiness and many more opportunities to enhance your professional life and increase the success you achieve.

3.  Would a name change cause upheaval in my marriage, in my family relations, or in my work place?

A name change does not have to cause upheaval.  It may trigger a level of challenge, particularly with family, because it represents change.  If you present your new concepts with understanding and consideration of others’ opinions, without responding in a negative way, you will bring the best response you can hope for from those close to you.  You are not forcing anyone else to follow your path.  It is something you want to test for yourself.  It does not change the love you have for your spouse, children, and other family members.  It does not change your integrity in the work place.

You want a progressive life and you want to make the constructive changes to make it happen. Changing your name with business associates, family, and friends is a step toward this goal. Each can be handled with patience, intelligence, and good humour.  It won’t be along before others will see the changes.
You do not have to convince others of the benefit of your new name. You can simply say that the step you are taking is a personal choice. If they are curious and want to know more, you can refer them to the kabalarians.com website. We are available for additional suggestions and support.

4.  Do I need to know more before making a name change to a Balanced Name?

For some people the conclusive proof of their Name Report is enough for them to go ahead and make a name change. For others more knowledge will create confidence that a name change is the right decision.  That’s why we encourage you to study Life Analysis Training to understand the logical principles behind name change.

5.  “A name is a name”.  Can’t you make it work for you if you really want to?
Your names reveal your experiences, it defines your weaknesses both physically and mentally, it interprets your whole nature, and reveals your position in life and the measure of your success.  Most of us complain that we do not live to our full potential.  There is always more we can do to improve our lives, but the fact remains that the name shapes who we are and what we attract.

90% of people recently surveyed stated that their Name Reports were “Accurate” to “Extremely Accurate”.  Why?  Your names and birth date reveal your personality and the conditions of your life.  Why is it that some people work so hard and never get ahead, while others seem to attract amazing opportunities with so little effort?  There are reasons for this dichotomy that need to be understood and changed.

6.  With a balanced name, will I forget who I am and lose the positive qualities of my current names?

Memories are not affected by your new name choice. A change of name does not erase the past! You lived the past; it is a part of you. We tend to remember some memories and forget others. Some people have painful and unhappy memories. A balanced name will help those people to view past memories with greater objectivity.

You will become a more constructive person with a balanced name. So many people tell us how impressed they were with the constructive changes that they experienced as they looked back over the first twelve months of using a balanced name and how they now perceive their lives—past, present, and future. They did not lose their memories. They improved their lives!

A balanced name creates mental strengths that add to your current positive qualities and abilities and will help to remove barriers that have been holding back your progress.

7.  Is it complicated to change my name legally?

Every country, state, and province, have different rules.  In the United States and Canada legal name changes are made through the Vital Statistics department of your state or province. You can download the free Change of Name forms or have them mailed to you. The forms are detailed with a checklist of steps required to complete your name change. There is a help phone number to assist you. We are also available if you have any questions on this process.

Click here to read the testimonials about what others are saying about their balanced names.

8. The Next Step?

The next step is to request a Balanced Name Recommendation and see the choices of names you could use that are in harmony with your purpose in life. Order Balanced Name Package

Support for Any Questions

We would love to share more about the real you. Do you have questions about your Name Report? Our Name Specialists can provide you with helpful information and tell you more about your birthpath. The answers you need are a toll free call away, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

You can learn more about how to fulfil your potential and in the doing experience wonderful happiness and joy in doing the things that are most in harmony with your beautiful inner potential.

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or send me an email and I would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

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