How Important is Your name?

<pHow Important is Your Name? by Lorenda Bardell

Why? Because you are your name–your personality, your family traits, and your destiny can be accurately measured from an analysis of your name.

The Kabalarian Philosophy’s basic premise is that all life is energy in motion and thus is subject to measurement. All scientific discoveries come through this basic principle of measurement. Everything is measured: time, space, density, speed, length, breadth, circumference, vibration, chemical elements, colour, sound, light, odours, explosive power, compression, electricity; liquids are metered; blood is measured and counted; all fluids of the body are tested mathematically. Atmosphere, humidity, heat, mechanics, construction, all chemical formulae are mathematical. Emotion and brain waves are mathematical; the heart beats rhythmically or mathematically; blood flows through the body at a certain speed, (mathematics). Our feet move one step at a time, and it takes so many steps to cover distance; all distance is measurable, or it would not be distance. The letters of any alphabet all have their specific numerical positions from one to nine; all words are numbered through their letters. The inflection of the voice is measurable. Everything you build or buy is measured not only by its length, bulk, weight, quality, and capacity; you can buy milk raw, and then it can be pasteurized or homogenized: these are added which means included (mathematically).

There is not a thing you can speak of that is not basically mathematical, including the monetary values, interest, loans, payments, etc. Our whole body is mathematical dimension because it could not exist outside of dimension; even a ghost can be seen, thus showing mathematical dimension. No matter how you figure, mathematics is included–even the quantity and density of the air you breathe, your degree of sight, and the amount of your appetite, or capacity for liquids, the extent of or degree of your smell and taste. Try to separate anything from mathematics and there will not be anything left, not even a degree of your intelligence or sense of humour!

A name is not only a group of letters, but each letter is numerical in the alphabet, and the name designates not only the person, but the quality of his mind, his personality, or nature. Even breeding creates mathematical quality and quantity denoting all degrees of racial stock; even the hormones can be counted and compounded. A woman has so many children. It is often said that one and one make two; but this is only so in the case of twins. Read the preceding statements over carefully and try to dispute them; there is no greater way to prove the theory to yourself. And do not forget that if you prove it you have qualified it–also a mathematical state of quality and intelligence. You may ask yourself the question, “What does this data establish in one’s mind?” The answer is that everything that exists is mathematical; there is nothing outside of it.

Your name is composed of letters of the alphabet. Each letter is in a mathematical position in sequence (like the elements in the periodic table) and each letter is a symbol for the intelligence and energy that flows through the letter (like the keys on a piano, each key being a means by which intelligence in sound energy is expressed in sequence through the keys). Various letters when combined in a name create a chord of intelligence that has a powerful influence and impact in your life.

We in the Kabalarian Philosophy have a great respect for the Power of the Word because it is through our thoughts and actions that our lives develop and we become what we think and how we act.

When you took your first breath of life on a particular day, month, and year, a quality of universal energy became a part of you, and again, when measured mathematically denotes your core purpose. When the name is harmonized to that purpose, it brings such happiness and freedom, and a chance to live your purpose and be a success in all ways.

We encourage you to consider trying a balanced name. It is a name that is harmonized to your birth date. When the two are in harmony, there is such potential for greatness in whatever it is your dream to accomplish. You will find yourself losing those not-so-nice traits and gaining confidence and assurance that you truly can create your future the way you wish it to be.

We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

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