Change my Name?  Yes, Change your Name and be a Better You!

Change my Name?  Yes, Change your Name and be a Better You!

Since the 1930s, thousands of people have changed their names through the expertise of the Kabalarian Philosophy.  So take heart, if you are considering a name change, you are not alone.  The Name Specialists of the Kabalarian Philosophy strive to work with you and your family to choose names or, if possible, to balance the names you have.  Sometimes only minor changes may be necessary and those minor changes will make a world of difference to the success you and your family will achieve in life.

Let’s face it!  It is a big step to change your name.  What would your parents, your siblings, your friends, and your business associates think?  Is it unrealistic for you to consider changing your name?  Would it cause upheaval in your marriage situation or with your family?  Do you keep the peace and remain at variance with yourself or take the step of balancing your name?

Questions You Have Asked

1.  I identify with my name.  Would the transition be too challenging?

There is a transition period.  You have been called and have responded to a certain name for many years.  There is a short period of time where you are getting used to using your new name and being called by that name.  It may take up to six weeks, but soon you will respond favourably to your new name. You will be forging a “better” you by using a balanced name consistently.  Be patient with others as they make the transition of using your new name.  You are getting used to a new energy, a new vibration that will change your life.
A balanced name will enhance your thinking giving you greater individuality, a better understanding of others, and improved self-expression. Also it will increase your patience level, and add versatility, stability, reliability, and greater depth and objectivity to your mind, and–most of all–a greater love of life as you link your thinking to your purpose in life.  A balanced name adds new dimensions to your life by expanding the creative processes of your thinking.  Persevere through those early days and the new you will be happy you did.

2.  Would it be too difficult professionally for me to make a name change?

Many people have balanced their names through the Kabalarian Philosophy—university professors, lawyers, certified accountants, engineers, architects, actors, writers, business owners—men and women from virtually every walk of life.  Announcing your change of name can be a means of reaching out to your clients, your family, and friends.  Take advantage of the opportunity. Hand out new business cards or change of name cards, or write a song about your new name (just kidding)!  Don’t let people forget you.  It won’t be long before your professional name is your balanced name.

It does take effort to make a name change, but the rewards are real. Only you face the challenges and opportunities of your life. If you live your life with a balanced name, you will have the power of a name that will assist you to find greater happiness and many more opportunities to enhance your professional life and increase the success you achieve.

3.  Would a name change cause upheaval in my marriage, in my family relations, or in my work place?

A name change does not have to cause upheaval.  It may trigger a level of challenge, particularly with family, because it represents change.  If you present your new concepts with understanding and consideration of others’ opinions, without responding in a negative way, you will bring the best response you can hope for from those close to you.  You are not forcing anyone else to follow your path.  It is something you want to test for yourself.  It does not change the love you have for your spouse, children, and other family members.  It does not change your integrity in the work place.

You want a progressive life and you want to make the constructive changes to make it happen. Changing your name with business associates, family, and friends is a step toward this goal. Each can be handled with patience, intelligence, and good humour.  It won’t be along before others will see the changes.
You do not have to convince others of the benefit of your new name. You can simply say that the step you are taking is a personal choice. If they are curious and want to know more, you can refer them to the website. We are available for additional suggestions and support.

4.  Do I need to know more before making a name change to a Balanced Name?

For some people the conclusive proof of their Name Report is enough for them to go ahead and make a name change. For others more knowledge will create confidence that a name change is the right decision.  That’s why we encourage you to study Life Analysis Training to understand the logical principles behind name change.

5.  “A name is a name”.  Can’t you make it work for you if you really want to?
Your names reveal your experiences, it defines your weaknesses both physically and mentally, it interprets your whole nature, and reveals your position in life and the measure of your success.  Most of us complain that we do not live to our full potential.  There is always more we can do to improve our lives, but the fact remains that the name shapes who we are and what we attract.

90% of people recently surveyed stated that their Name Reports were “Accurate” to “Extremely Accurate”.  Why?  Your names and birth date reveal your personality and the conditions of your life.  Why is it that some people work so hard and never get ahead, while others seem to attract amazing opportunities with so little effort?  There are reasons for this dichotomy that need to be understood and changed.

6.  With a balanced name, will I forget who I am and lose the positive qualities of my current names?

Memories are not affected by your new name choice. A change of name does not erase the past! You lived the past; it is a part of you. We tend to remember some memories and forget others. Some people have painful and unhappy memories. A balanced name will help those people to view past memories with greater objectivity.

You will become a more constructive person with a balanced name. So many people tell us how impressed they were with the constructive changes that they experienced as they looked back over the first twelve months of using a balanced name and how they now perceive their lives—past, present, and future. They did not lose their memories. They improved their lives!

A balanced name creates mental strengths that add to your current positive qualities and abilities and will help to remove barriers that have been holding back your progress.

7.  Is it complicated to change my name legally?

Every country, state, and province, have different rules.  In the United States and Canada legal name changes are made through the Vital Statistics department of your state or province. You can download the free Change of Name forms or have them mailed to you. The forms are detailed with a checklist of steps required to complete your name change. There is a help phone number to assist you. We are also available if you have any questions on this process.

Click here to read the testimonials about what others are saying about their balanced names.

8. The Next Step?

The next step is to request a Balanced Name Recommendation and see the choices of names you could use that are in harmony with your purpose in life. Order Balanced Name Package

Support for Any Questions

We would love to share more about the real you. Do you have questions about your Name Report? Our Name Specialists can provide you with helpful information and tell you more about your birthpath. The answers you need are a toll free call away, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

You can learn more about how to fulfil your potential and in the doing experience wonderful happiness and joy in doing the things that are most in harmony with your beautiful inner potential.

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or send me an email and I would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

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You are an Important Part of Life

The Enjoyment of Living
The turbulent times in life add stress and uncertainty to daily living, causing mental distractions from our true purpose and the state of relaxed mental freedom. Too often the pressures of living cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture of life and to become frustrated and even angry at life and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This limitation shrinks our world of awareness to a limited scope of self and of current concerns, leaving our minds preoccupied with problems, decisions, and tensions.
The enjoyment of living can be found only when we love life itself for its larger reason for existing, for the awareness of the greater laws of life unfolding through us and for our part in the grand scheme.  By focusing on the broader scope of life, seeing nature in all its myriad expressions–the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of flowers, and trees–we can lift our vision above the short term of mortal life and merge with the concept of eternal beauty, and understand the reason for being a part of the privileged life forms of the God power, which we can also call Reason.
Let us look for the beauty of Reason in every aspect of life: let us feel love for the intelligence of Reason as we see it reflected all around us. The saying, “Take time to smell the flowers,” is another way of saying, “Life is to be loved.”
Appreciation for the universal beauties of life helps us to find the concept of loving every moment of physical existence as we relate the experience of the moment to the purpose of the eternal. To love life is to find happiness in living, contentment in the process of growth toward fulfilment, and satisfaction in daily efforts to become the living personification of the universal purpose (your birthpath) that came with our first breath of life. 
Express Your Purpose
You deserve happiness, love, success, and the understanding and fulfilment of a worthwhile purpose in life.  Your purpose is linked to the bigger Reason for Being.  In living your purpose you will add to the constructive expression of life on Earth.  You are important!
Does Your Name Hold You Back?
Does your name allow your universal purpose to express?  Are you as happy as you would like to be? Your name has created your mind and the nature of your thoughts. Your name reveals who you are and where you find yourself in life.  Is it fair for some people to be placed in an environment, which, combined with their own qualities, will allow them to grow and express, leading a happy, complete existence, when others (perhaps having greater potential powers locked within themselves) are frustrated at every turn, met at every step by insurmountable objects?  It is all revealed through name analysis. 
Name Report Interview
Remember to take advantage of your 15-minute free Name Report interview.  Call our North America toll-free number 1-866-489-1188 or 604-263-9551 to arrange an appointment.  If you would prefer to call us on Skype, that too, can be arranged.
Balanced Name Recommendation Package
We would encourage you to order a Balanced Name Recommendation report.  A balanced name:

  • draws you to your true destiny because your balanced name is harmonized to your core purpose.  Regardless of how old you are now, new opportunities will present themselves, and you will see a clear path toward your goals and find you have the resolve to strike out in new directions.
  • adds strength to your mind. It will preserve and enhance the positive qualities you already possess. At the same time, it will eliminate weaknesses found in your name that may be frustrating you from developing fully your intellectual and creative powers and achieving peak contentment and personal happiness.
  • changes your perspective.  When you assume a new Balanced Name, the way people see you—and the way you see yourself—will change the way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity, and self-esteem; all can improve significantly.

Isn’t time to find out what a new balanced name will do for you!

Our Balanced Name Recommendation Report is an essential initial step in the name-changing process. It gives you dozens of customized balanced name choices to “try on” and evaluate. Each recommended name is individually analyzed as to the specific attributes it brings to enhancing your life.

Expert Support

Your report includes one-hour free expert phone support with our Name Specialists, whose experience and knowledge in dealing with all aspects of changing a name will be invaluable to you in making this all-important decision.

Click here to find out more or to order your Balanced Name Recommendation report:

       Order Balanced Name Recommendation


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A New Name, a New Life

Your Name Report Report has helped you to appreciate the powerful influence of names in creating your personality and life conditions.  Do your names harmonize with your birthpath (your date of birth)?  This is an essential factor in creating long-term happiness, inner contentment, and ultimate success in your life.  Your names should be in harmony with the innate power of life within you so you can accomplish what you really want to in life. Otherwise, you desire one thing and get another—a recipe for frustration.   
Have you been hesitant to order a Balanced Name Recommendation report?  You likely have concerns about how your family and/or business associates will respond.  We can help you make the transition. Free consultation comes with your Balanced Name Recommendation report.
When you choose a new balanced name, the effects can be immediate and dramatic. The way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity and self-esteem, all can improve significantly.
Your Birthpath
When you establish and use your balanced name consistently, you are drawing from your inner source, your birthpath.  It is a quality of goodness that is striving to express through your mind.  Your greatest happiness in life will unfold through expressing the natural beauty and potential of your birthpath qualities.  With this harmony in place, you will find yourself attracting amazing opportunities to develop your potential in a myriad of creative, exciting ways.  Your life will become much more worthwhile, meaningful, and fulfilling.
Your First Name
As your use your balanced first name you will be aware of greater freedom and you will find your thinking expanding, changing, and becoming creative in new ways.  You will begin to attract progressive opportunities to help you fulfil your purpose and to find success in every area of your life.  As a result, you will naturally find personal contentment and happiness in living the life you should. 
Your Last Name
It is essential that last names harmonize with first names.  Many times surnames used are not in harmony with first names or birth dates and adds confusion and lack of good health over time.  All hereditary characteristics are carried down each family through the surname.  When a woman adopts a new surname through marriage or alters her surname in any way, she then inherits the weaknesses and strengths of the new surname.  These are some of the complications of surnames.  However, a balanced last name harmonized to a balanced first name and to your date of birth will give you the optimum benefits so that you can achieve the success of your goals and your life’s purpose, and maintain better health in body and mind.
Your Combined Names
The state of your life can be read from your combined names.  It is the sum total of your experiences and reveals the degree of happiness and success you have accomplished in your life.  Have you achieved your best or does life seem mediocre?  We can assist you in making positive changes to find your best possible level of success and happiness.  Remember you can take advantage of your free ½ hour telephone consultation for additional support.
Why order a Balanced Name Recommendation?

  • To harmonize your thinking with the natural qualities of your birthpath purpose 
  • To overcome the limitations found in your present names in order to optimize your chances for better health, happiness, and success
  • To create the fullest expression of your birthpath potential
  • To create greater peace of mind and relaxation

The Balanced Name Recommendation service includes:

  • a selection of 30 to 50 first and last balanced name recommendations
  • description of the qualities of the balanced names recommended for you
  • practical advice on how best to proceed in changing your name
  • consultation support to help you choose the recommended name that is right for you
  • 3-month introduction to the influence of cycles (year, month, and day) on the conditions in your life

Special Offer

Click here to find out more about your Balanced Name solution.  Find your best choice for best results!

    Order Balanced Name Recommendation
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at or

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Can Human Nature be Changed?

Human Nature Can be Changed

© Alfred J. Parker

It has been erroneously expressed that one cannot change human nature; but if our intelligence, nature, desires, and characteristics are brought into being only through language through the attached name at birth, it stands to reason that a change of name could completely change a person’s nature in a reasonable length of time; this has been demonstrated thousands of times. If one has lived in a foreign country where names are spelled differently, and then becomes a citizen of a country where the spelling may be entirely different, it stands to reason that his nature and the conditions of his life may change completely. The same thing could happen relative to health. It is a proved fact that every name has a specific effect upon the body and its functions.

Every desire, sense, awareness, or any emotional disturbance must be translated into intelligent reality through language; there is no other channel: every impulse from the mind to the brain cells must be defined through language, even to create thought. How else could a person’s nature, characteristics, desires, and urges come into being except through language? Any intelligent person knows that anything of a abstract or spiritual nature cannot be born into a person through a physical and finite phenomenon. The physical body and its functions are purely material and represent the quantity angle; whilst thought, intelligence, and consciousness express as human mind through the symbology called language, which to life is as the notes upon the keyboard of a piano. Mankind, through language, is permitted to bring into effect or reality all the expressions that comprise human intelligence.

The giving of a name represents the creation of human intelligence, but through a change of name one can completely change one’s nature, one’s thinking, one’s actions, and one’s whole life with its associations which comprise environment and consequently, one’s every experience. How else could human nature be changed?

Your Name Report is the proof of the power of language in human life.

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What does your first name tell about you? We would love to share more about the real you. Do you have questions about your Name Report? Our Name Specialists can provide you with helpful information and tell you more about your birthpath. The answers you need are a toll free call away, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

You can learn more about how to fulfil your potential and in the doing experience wonderful happiness and joy in doing the things that are most in harmony with your beautiful inner potential.

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or send me an email and I would be very happy to answer any of your questions.

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