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The wisdom of the Kabalarian Philosophy is basic and very profound. It holds the key to harmony and balance within the individual and ultimately to universal peace through understanding of the Power of the Word that gives birth to the human mind.

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Balanced Names

A balanced name linked to your life’s purpose will bring you untold joy, compatibility and bountiful success—no more disappointments and unhappiness.
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Business Names

You will be successful with a balanced business name. Your business name carries a powerful message that can help or hinder you. Avoid frustration and failure.
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Baby Names

Choose a balanced name for your newborn. See amazing results! Guide your child toward the opportunities needed for a lifetime of happiness and fulfilment.
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Unlock your potential. Understanding the principles of constructive living. Enrol and study at home. Effort will lead to abundant health, the joy of living, and fulfilment.
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